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Life Insurance Audit

High income and high net worth clients have planning, and liquidity needs that are often complex. Life Insurance can be part of the overall solution for creating liquidity when needed. It takes a team of experts to ensure the Death Benefit will be there when it needed. We have performed over 1,000 policy review in our careers. We work with individuals, corporations, partnerships, other wealth managers, and other advisors to help clients understand what they have and / or purchase new insurance.

Questions to ask your CPA, attorney, or advisor about life insurance:

  • Do you, your family or business partner own different life insurance policies?
  • Has there been a family status change (marriage, new children, divorce) new wealth, or health change?
  • Have you lost contact with their past relationship?
  • Is your trustee unsure of their fiduciary responsibilities?

Ironclad Strategies will help you have the right answers to all of these questions. We will figure out what you own and how it works; if you have enough insurance and the right kind. We’ll report any changes to the carrier’s financial statu and help you identify beneficiaries. Life Insurance can provide timely funds when families most need them. Life Insurance may provide a liquidity solution to help the families and estates fairly divide assets and pay for future tax and business liabilities.

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