Captive Insurance

Risk Management / Captive Insurance

Corporate owners, their leadership teams and independent advisors may be unaware of the total cost of risks they face or the multitude of options available to effectively address them. Many of the nation’s most successful organizations have worked with their advisory teams to discuss the variety of risks they face and explore potential solutions to mitigate that risk. The risk management conversation generally begins with the identification and quantification of all exposures, perils and hazards existing in the organization, such as:

• Natural Disasters
• Cyber Fraud
• Property and Casualty
• Product Recall
• Legal Defense
• Damage to Reputation
• Supply Chain Disruption
• Administrative Actions

In connection with a contingency plan, a private insurance solution may very well be the most attractive option to address and provide protection from risks for which commercial insurance cannot be obtained, and thus serve as an integral part of the organization’s risk management process. In addition, this planning, coordinated with your other planning has the potential to provide additional savings and tax benefits if managed correctly.

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