Our Approach to to Insurance

Ironclad takes life insurance to an entirely different level. We know that life insurance is not an off-the-shelf product. Insurance when properly designed, is a flexible chassis can solve protection, succession, income and estate tax issues. Ironclad’s team of actuaries and underwriters builds life insurance solutions based on our clients’ unique circumstances. Ironclad is an independent firm and is not ties to any one carrier. We are independent in our thinking and select the most appropriate carriers based on our client’s financial goals and medical underwriting. The final product is a solution specifically designed for you, with a team in place to make changes to the policy as your objectives or market conditions change.

Do I need life insurance?

High income and high net worth clients have planning and liquidity needs that are often complex. Quantifying the need, understanding the timeframes and developing a liquidity solution takes a team of experts. Dividing up assets for blended families, liquidating real estate and or private businesses may not be easy if timing does not line up with market conditions.

Do any of these apply to you?

• Does your family or children rely on your income?
• Are a blended family and want to fairly divide assets / estate?
• Own real estate and do not have a plan how/if to liquidate it?
• Have plenty of assets/cash, but spouse is hesitant to use it for long term needs (wants to give to grandkids)?
• Want to equally distribute the estate to family members that are nothing alike? One is an artist and the other is a business entrepreneur?
• Have long-term estate planning needs but is not ready to make significant changes to pay for permanent solutions?

Life Insurance may provide a liquidity solution to help the families and estates fairly divide assets and pay for future tax and business liabilities.

Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance / Audit Review

We have performed over 1,000 policy review in our careers. We work with individuals, corporations, partnerships, other wealth managers, and other advisors to help clients understand what they have and / or purchase new insurance.

Premium Financing

3rd party premium financing allows clients the flexibility in purchasing life insurance, yet maintain flexibility in their asset management.

Private Placement Life Insurance

Placement insurance and annuities provide high net worth investors the opportunity to control taxes on hedge fund investments.

Captive Insurance

Corporate owners, their leadership teams and independent advisors may be unaware of the total cost of risks they face or the multitude of options available to effectively address them.

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